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Top 8 Missoula attraction videos

If you're like me and you love Missoula, you know it's difficult to fully capture all the city's beauty, entertainment options and outdoor adventures.

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Missoula is beautiful from just about all angles.

Some very talented folks have given it a shot, though. These videos do a great job in my opinion of capturing a slice of life here.

Have I missed anything? What online video do you think best captures the River City? Please leave a comment below and I'll add the video to this list.


1) In what I consider the best online video about the River City, Destination Missoula captures life in a river town with this feature titled: "There's this place where music and rivers flow."

2) Coming in at No. 2, Destination Missoula again hits a home run with "There's this place."

3) Adept Home, an advertising agency, does a great job here detailing life in the Rattlesnake - one of my favorite Missoula neighborhoods/areas.

4) You can't live in Missoula and not be inspired to get outside and exercise. Run Wild Missoula details the benefits of running for everyone and, in doing so, shows the community's beauty and spirit.

5). Speaking of exercise, how about mountain biking? Freehub Magazine tells the story here of the MTB Missoula executive director and his life atop a bike.

6). Can you compile a Missoula favorites list and not include fly fishing? No, you can't. It's a rule. "A River Runs Through It" speaks for itself.

7) Hiking might be one of my favorite activities. Terrence Romano shows what it's like to hike up the back of Mt. Sentinel via Hellgate Canyon. His light-hearted hike does a great job to show the adventure to be had on just one of hundreds of hiking trails here.

8) The music scene in Missoula rivals those of bigger cities. From Pearl Jam and Paul McCArtney to the Rolling Stones and Luke Bryan, Missoula seems to always have great live music to listen to. The venues might be even better. Here's a great video about the KettleHouse Amphitheater.

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