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It's good to be home

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Wow, Montana. What a sight for sore eyes.

My name is Gabe Semenza. I was born and raised in Helena, graduated from Capital High School in 1993 and left the Treasure State for Texas in 2003. That's where my wife, Amy, is from and where we had our only child, Parker Belle.

I hadn't been home in 15 years.

Needless to say, I've been in awe since we hit the Montana state line on June 20. Views in all directions. Crystal clear water. And mountains. I hadn't seen a tall peak in almost two decades. Even the tree-less, yellow-grassy variety looks stunning.

Brennan's Wave, Missoula

Rattlesnake Creek, Missoula

Since arriving in Missoula, we've tried almost every day to take in a new adventure. We've hiked a small bit of the Rattlesnake Wilderness area, played along the pretty creek in Greenough Park, huffed and puffed up Mt. Sentinel and picked asparagus near the Clark Fork. We toured the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, played soccer at the Fort Missoula Regional Park and inhaled a cheeseburger (made all the way) from Five Guys. Even with the long days, there doesn't seem to be enough time to even scratch the surface. I feel like a tourist in my own state.

Our furniture arrived about two weeks ago and we've settled nicely into our new home. The garage isn't fully put together yet but the bikes are handy and I can find a screwdriver.

When deciding where exactly to live in Montana, we had to make some tough decisions. If you threw a dart at the state map, you could hardly go wrong.

But the city had to have a population base large enough to support a new home inspection business. Luckily, my wife works in the oil and gas industry and can perform much of her work from a home office, balancing online research with monthly air travel back to Texas.

The city had to have quick access to the outdoors (*see brief synopsis above of what we've done so far), be near my family in Helena and have good schools. That the University of Montana Grizzlies play football in a beautiful stadium less than a few miles from our house was just the icing on the cake. Go, Griz :)

Missoula made perfect sense for us. We are excited to enjoy the benefits of a university town, to take in a concert and grab a bite from the never-ending restaurant options. I can't wait to watch the fall leaves blanket the valley or to take my wife and daughter sledding and skiing (anything to distract them from the cold and cloud cover, amirite?).

And I'm just as excited to launch my new home inspection business. If you'd like to read my professional bio, please click https://www.inspectmissoulamt.com/about.

I'll use this blog to offer tips about issues I regularly find in local homes, how to maintain your home seasonally and, on occasion, some of the weird or hairy situations I find myself in. You can’t spend a professional life in attics, crawlspaces or in the country without running into something worth sharing.

In the meantime, I'll be the touristy-looking guy huffing and puffing up the side of a mountain.

- Gabe Semenza, Certified Professional Inspector and owner of River City Inspections, LLC.

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