what others say:

Quick Context: I was born and raised in Montana.

In 2003, I moved to Texas. For several years, I worked as a newspaper reporter and editor.

I was voted the best newspaper journalist in Texas and I authored a book with and about an NFL legend.

In 2010, I left journalism to pursue a real estate inspection business - a profession I've followed to this day.

Following are thoughts a few colleagues were kind enough to share.

Tom Martinez

"I've known Gabe Semenza for 10 years. He's a man of integrity in everything he does, whether it was as an award-winning newspaper reporter or top-notch home inspector. If you are in need of a qualified home inspector, you can't go wrong with Gabe. I know I won't hesitate to use him."

- Tom Martinez, longtime newspaper editor, publisher and media consultant who has worked across the country with stops in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Texas and Arizona.

Rep. Geanie W. Morrison

"I have worked with Gabe for many years when he was a reporter, writer and a business owner. He knows business ethics no matter which profession it is and has an impeccable reputation. I would do business with him in whatever profession he chooses."

- Geanie W. Morrison, 10-term Texas State Representative. She authored the country's first Baby Moses legislation and has served on countless House committees.

Louise Hull Patillo

"Gabe Semenza performed numerous inspections for my real estate company in Texas. Gabe is informed, trustworthy and hardworking. I recommend him highly for your home inspection services."

- Louise Hull Patillo, former Chairman of the Texas Association of Realtors, former Commissioner of the Texas Real Estate Commission and former owner of Cornerstone Properties.

Bum Phillips Debbie Phillips

"Gabe is an excellent author. He thoroughly researched our book for background, is accurate and gifted. In Bum's autobiography, he truly captured Bum. Reading it is like listening to Bum tell the story. Gabe took that same professionalism with him to his home inspection business. I highly recommend hiring him."

- Debbie Phillips, wife of the late great NFL head coach Bum Phillips and director of Bum Phillips Charities. Debbie, Bum and Gabe spent a year writing and researching: "Bum Phillips: Coach, Cowboy, Christian."

Rep. Geanie W. Morrison

From left: Amy, Parker & Gabe Semenza

Dave Sather

"In running a wealth management firm, our clients regularly need someone trustworthy and intelligent to do home inspections. We have referred our clients to Gabe Semenza for several years with great results. Gabe is intelligent in his assessment and can speak with clients in plain English."

- Dave Sather, President of Sather Financial Group. Sather Financial manages more than $400 million and was was recognized as one of the country's top wealth managers. Sather is also director of the Business Bank of Texas & developed an investment company internship at Texas Lutheran University.