water quality testing

Private wells and older homes demand water testing.

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If you are buying a home in the country or even an older home in town,

consider hiring me to perform a water quality test.


Depending on the location of your well, the Missoula City-County Health Department notes

there are several contaminants for which you should consider testing.

The department also recommends all private well owners periodically test drinking water.

The health department suggests you have the water tested for:

Bacteria : Annually

Nitrate : Every 2-3 years (if elevated, re-test more often)

Arsenic : Every 2-5 years (if elevated, re-test more often)

Drinking water in older homes should be tested at least once at the indoor tap for:

Lead : A plumbing material-related problem

Watch this brief video from InterNACHI instructor Joe Farsetta regarding the importance of water quality testing.